What the Bible really says about...Childhood Sexual Abuse

What the Bible really says about...Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Sexual abuse can happen to any child, and the wounds inflicted by the sinful actions of another person can be devastating.  This booklet explores what Sexual abuse is and what it can do to the child experiencing it.  It examines what God thinks of abuse and how He responds to it.  With both practical and Spiritual advice it seeks to encourage all those affected by sexual abuse to draw closer to God, to understand that the true Comforter can and will provide healing.

About the Author:

Gemma Bibb lives in Birmingham with her husband, Ryan and their young daughter.  She is a qualified Social Worker MA and also has a degree in church-based youth and community work.  Gemma has worked with children and young people who have been sexually abused and deeply desires that those who have been hurt in this way can find love, healing and fullness through Jesus.