Why The Gospel?

Why The Gospel?


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We know what the gospel is—but do we know why it is?  
As Christians, we often ask what the gospel is, when we should be asking why it is. Matthew W. Bates has previously demonstrated that the “good news” of the gospel is that Jesus is King. But in his latest book, he explores God’s intentions: why has God issued this royal proclamation? And what role can it play in our everyday lives? 
As Bates observes, we find the answer in a simple but challenging realization: “I am a horrible king of my own life.” With examples from Scripture, literature, and personal experience, Bates explains what pledging allegiance to Jesus as ruler of our lives looks like. Living authentically according to God’s reign conforms humanity to the image of Jesus and extends his glory and honor to all creation.  
Perfect for church studies, evangelism, or personal spiritual reading, Why the Gospel? invites readers to consider how we can transform our lives and communities through loyalty and devotion to King Jesus. The book includes questions to guide discussion.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Scot McKnight
     1. King First  
     2. Famous Somewhere  
     3. Glory’s Two Faces  
     4. Gospel Recovery  
     5. Royal Transformation  
     6. Good News for the Nones  
     7. Gospeling Backward with Purpose  
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