From Every People and Nation

From Every People and Nation


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"After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language . . ." (Revelation 7:9).

The visions in the book of Revelation give a glimpse of the people of God at the consummation of history—a multiethnic congregation gathered together in worship around God's throne. Its racial diversity is expressed in a fourfold formula that first appears in Genesis 10.

The theme of race runs throughout Scripture, constantly pointing to the global and multiethnic dimensions inherent in the overarching plan of God. In response to the neglect of this theme in much evangelical biblical scholarship, J. Daniel Hays offers this thorough exegetical work in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series. As well as focusing on texts which have a general bearing on race, Hays demonstrates that black Africans from Cush (Ethiopia) play an important role in both Old and New Testament history.

This careful, nuanced analysis provides a clear theological foundation for life in contemporary multiracial cultures and challenges churches to pursue racial unity in Christ.


Series Preface
Author's Preface

1. Introduction
2. The Ethnic Make-up of the Old Testament World
The "Asiatics": Israel and Her "Semitic" Cousins
The Cushites
The Egyptians
The Indo-Europeans (Philistines, Hittites)

3. Creation, Blessing and Race (Genesis 1--12)
Created in the Image of God
The So-Called "Curse of Ham" (Genesis 9:18-27)
The Table of Nations (Genesis 10)
Blessing for All Families of the World (Genesis 12)

4. Israel, the Torah, Foreigners and Intermarriage
The Formation of Israel
The Sojourner and the Foreigner
Moses and Intermarriage
Phinehas the Priest

5. Israel and Black Africa During the Monarchy
Cushite Soldiers in the ANE prior to the Israelite Monarchy
Soldiers and Generals: Cushites in the Early Monarchy
Enemies and Allies: Cush, Assyria and Judah
Postscript: Cushite Soldiers in the ANE after the Monarchy

6. Racial Issues in the Prophets
Judgment and Blessing in Isaiah
Amos: Are You the Same to Me as Cushites?
The Prophetic Voice in Psalms
Zephaniah and the Name Cushi
Ebed-Melech the Cushite

7. The Ethnic Make-up of the New Testament World
The Greco-Roman World (Greeks and Barbarians)
The Jewish Diaspora
Black Africa (Cush, Meroe, Ethiopia)
North Africa (Berbers, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans)
Anatolia (Celts and Others)

8. Race and the Theology of Luke-Acts
The Other Gospels
Luke: Abraham and the Blessing for All Nations
The Good Samaritan
The Ethiopian Eunuch
Simeon Called Niger

9. Race, Pauline Theology and the Apocalypse
Galatians: Neither Jew Nor Greek
Colossians: Neither Barbarian Nor Scythian
Ephesians: Unity in the Church
Paul and the Nations
Revelation: From Every Tribe, Language, People and Nation

10. Conclusions and Applications
Synthesizing Conclusions
Final Thoughts

Index of Modern Authors
Index of Scripture References
Index of Ancient Sources

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