The Marrow of Theology

The Marrow of Theology

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Brief, lucid and comprehensive The Marrow of Theology presents the substance of the Puritan understanding of God, the church, and the world. Ames shows Puritanism to be an eminently practical religion that stresses individual experience and feeling. Connections run from Ames in the 17th century to Jonathan Edwards in the 18th and Fredrick Schliermacher in the 19 centuries.

The Marrow of Theology is composed of two books. The first summarises the Puritan understanding of the traditional doctrinal elements of systematic theology. The second covers the more practical matters of the Christian life. Combined with John Dykstra Eusden’s introductory study of Puritan theological method, this volume is an indispensable resource for the study of puritanism and its influence on later theology.

William Ames
(1576-1633) was educated at Christ’s College, Cambridge, where William Perkins was his tutor. He attended the Synod of Dort as an English observer and there began to develop his reputation as a brilliant theologian. From 1622, he was professor of theology at the University of Franeker in Holland, where he attracted students from all over Protestant Europe.

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