Jonathan Edwards on Knowing Christ

Jonathan Edwards on Knowing Christ

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Jonathan Edwards is widely recognized today as perhaps the greatest of all North American thinkers and philosophers. Such was the depth and power of his intellect that annually new books and articles on his work come into print. But Edwards was supremely a Christian thinker. His great goal in life was to know and glorify God through Jesus Christ and to encourage others to do the same. Consequently it is in his sermons that we find the real heart of the man. Here he is thinker, herald, pastor and theologian all in one.

This selection of ten of Edwards’ sermons provides a fine sample of the God-centredness of his ministry. In them he shows the seriousness of man’s sinful condition, the riches of Christ’s grace, and the marvels of the Christian life. To read Edwards is, almost invariably, to be led into the presence of God. That was the great aim of his preaching, and echoes of it will be heard in reading these pages.

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