A Brief Compendium of Bible Truth

A Brief Compendium of Bible Truth

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Archibald Alexander's A Brief Compendium of Bible Truth is a welcome addition to the growing corpus of reprinted material from early faculty members of Princeton.

First printed in 1846 and now newly edited, this summary of Christianity's major doctrines is a pocket theology for "plain, common readers" who do not have the time or opportunity to study larger works of systematic theology, but still want to grow in their spiritual understanding. Reading this book will enable you to better comprehend those biblical truths that matter most for your walk as a believer in today's world, making you, by God's grace, a stronger and more godly Christian. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. Being of God
  2. Personality and Perfection of God
  3. The Holy Scriptures
  4. Unity of God
  5. Spirituality and Simplicity of the Divine Nature
  6. Character of God
  7. The Holy Trinity
  8. Divinity of Christ
  9. Personality of the Holy Spirit
  10. Creation
  11. Good Angels
  12. Bad Angels
  13. Providence of God
  14. Man’s Primeval State
  15. Law of God
  16. Fall of Man
  17. Covenant of Grace, or Plan of Redemption
  18. The Incarnation
  19. The Expiatory Sufferings of Christ, or the Atonement
  20. Resurrection and Ascension of Christ
  21. Justification
  22. Regeneration and Conversion
  23. Repentance Toward God and Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ
  24. Sanctification, or Growth in Grace
  25. Good Works, or Christian Duties
  26. Prayer
  27. Assurance of Salvation
  28. Perseverance of the Saints
  29. The Sacraments
  30. Baptism
  31. The Lord’s Supper
  32. The Lord’s Day and Divine Worship
  33. Death
  34. The Resurrection
  35. The Judgment
  36. Heaven, or the State of Glorification
  37. Hell


Archibald Alexander (1771-1851), converted in 1789, was ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church. He served as an itinerant missionary, President of Hampden-Sydney College, and minister of churches in Virginia and Philadelphia, before becoming the first professor of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1812.


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